Mixtape from #npnk

Posted: 14th August 2009 by zazi in audio, elbklang, web
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Today, I’m proud to annonce a nice mixtape from #npnk with nice tracks of rare chicago house.

#npnk – higher funktionz by npnk

cited from #npnk‘s MySpace blog:

imagine a MixSet where no higher funktionz are available…where the music is reduced to its most basic form

no eq, no looping, no gridlocks, nothing…
straight mixing with just a rotary-mixer and some records and a cd-player
with all the farts and bloopers intact

pure jakbeat-tracks sowed together with rough edges

late at night you can have some strange experiences, and i hope you share this one with me

there will be no tracklist available for this one since there a re some unreleased goodies in there, that you might like to find out about yourself



ps: dave, i’m scared, dave

So don’t miss to check out that hot piece of music.



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