Hi everyone,

here are some very nice mixes from serveral elbklang artists. Please, feel free to listening to them to get an impression of the variety of sound, which we can present (as you may have noticed that’s not a full representation of our definition of good music).

The first mix is from our busy man #npnk who just started his own business with a booking agency (welike-booking). It’s a live recording from a very crazy halloween party at our favorite club in town and has a really incredible mystic mood inside (just watch the photographies on Flickr). The music is a mixture of 80s Sound, Elektro, Acid and Techno.

#npnk @ Thriller!!! by npnk

The second mix is from our man away in Hamburg emrox with a lot of raw Acid House sounds. It’s also a live recording from USB camp 2009 at Nature One festival. As a bonus I’m also proud to present a new track from emrox after a very, very long time. It’s cool Chicago House tune with a very strong baseline.

emrox @ Nature One Usb Camp 2009 by emrox

Retry by emrox

And last but least, is another mix from Bob Ferris. This mix is a bit older. It is a fast-forward, strongly danceable mixture of US House, Funk House, Deep House and New York House. So please enjoy it and if you like you can also start dancing.

Feel also free to left one or more comment(s) to the mixes. Have fun while listening to it.