Our elbklang artist #npnk arranged a very magic “christmas” mix for the website of our mates The Moroders. It’s a brilliant mixture of raw and spacy sounds, which is described by #npnk in the following words (transcription from German):

The name of the mix is “Floating in a Lagrange-Point around Uranus”. The libration or Lagrangian points are named after the Italian-French mathematician Jospeh-Louis Lagrange. In the celestial mechanics they are the stationary solutions of the circular restricted three-body problem. The gravitational fields of two massive bodies combined with the centrifugal force are in balance at the Lagrangian points, allowing the third body to be stationary with respect to the first two bodies.
One drifts load-free around in the space without knowing it.
Such a feeling I had while compiling this mix. I would like to do something different than another Happy-House–Disco-Club-Dance-Set. This mix is something for hiding onself away at home and enjoying the winter days into a warm bed.
He is a bit dark with some lighter moments.

So have phun while listening to this awesome mix!

Original blog entry on themoroders.com: MGM05: #npnk
Download-Link: Floating in a Lagrange-Point around Uranus