Hello and welcome back in oh nine. During a lot of studying and work in the past days, weeks and month we are now re-entering the world of the beauty of sound. After the last relaxed nice vernissage background music entertainment (at Motorenhalle, Dresden, Germany) from the two Elbklang djs Decksurfingfreak (which exclusively visited us during his holidays here in Germany) and Bob Ferris, we are now pushing forward in spinning the vinyls again and again.
Or initial Elbklang member Nappunk (now also known as #npnk) is now fully involved into the local music scene. With a couple of friends he started in autumn 2008 a own party series called We like … (more information here) and also a side project called Rollerdisko, where he can play around with his love to old disco and 80’s sound.
Of course, a lot of things happened in the past decades, for example Decksurfingfreak went to Canada and is now a helicopter pilot, Emrox moved to Hamburg, Germany or Funky is now running his own business. Nevertheless, Bob Ferris is still trying to finish his studies.
However, leaving the past and entering the future, back to topic. Here is a nice relaxed new mix with a couple of favorites of smooth, summer, chilling and breaking sound artists (e.g. Kenny Dope Gonzalez, Louie Vega, Dj Sneak or Armand van Helden), which are influencing the music amorousness of Bob Ferris. Apart from the style representing through this mix, he likes many more good music and plays around with a huge variety of music genres (e.g. Hip Hop, House music of the late 80’s and early 90’s or Oldschool Electro).
So get in listing to that beautiful stuff and get in oh nine.

Bob Ferris – Get In Oh Nine by Zazi on Mixcloud

Artist: Bob Ferris
Title: Get in Oh Nine
Style: House
Type: Mix session
Length: 64 minutes and 44 seconds
Data format: Mp3, 256 kbps, 44100 Hz
Additional material:here


1 Miguel Migs – Cuban Nights
2 Smurf & Perry feat. The Voice of Concha Buika – Lovin’ You (Vincenzo’s Main Vocal Dub)
3 LAL – Dancing the Same (Nu Era vs Somatik Remix)
4 Delano Smith feat. Diamondancer – A Message for the DJ (Inception Dub)
5 Mr. V – Jus Dance (Cosmic Ritual Dub)
6 Armand van Helden feat. Roland Clark – Flowerz (12“ Version)
7 „Little Louie“ Vega feat. Blaze – Brand New Day (Espidub)
8 Vibezelect – Tuff Breaks
9 Dj Sneak – You can’t hide from your Bud (D’s Radical Rednail Reconstruction)
10 P. Lauer – Uhh-Ahh
11 Bob Sinclar – Ultimate Funk (Orginal Mix)
12 Dj Spen – Crazy at Midnight
13 Kenny Dope Presents Black Roots – They Can’t Stop It! (Kenny Dope Main Mix)
14 Daft Punk – Around the World (RAW Dub)
15 Bump & Flex – Promises (Jazz-N-Groove Club Mix)
16 Jook – Physical Harmony
17 Finley Quaye – When I Burn Off into the Distance (Primal Scream Mix – A Genuine Scream Team Production)
18 Gene Farris – A Place 4 Me – B2