@ Straßenbahndepot

There’s something going on …

I’m happy to announce another event with elbklang artist #npnk. This time, he will hit the stage for the musical supporting programme of the short film festival called backup_festival, which will take place at several locations in Weimar, Thuringia, Germany. This year it is the 12th edition of this film festival for extraordinary short films with over 1.200 film entries from all over the world. So the festival do not only consists of tons of next dimension experimental short films, there are also workshops and discourse, eccentricity, philosophy and unlimited party.
This is the part where #npnk and his mates get involved. They will serve the festival guests with their own definition of Underground Dance Music. This events are called and are located at the Straßenbahndepot in. With audiovisual installations and architectural experiments the party guests should be able to create the experience to mesh image and sound. Therefore, nobody expect his brothers in mind will perform this evening.
So don’t miss to join this unique combination of music, visuals and installations.



Date: 8th May 2010
Location: Straßenbahndepot, Kirschberg 4, 99423 Weimar, Germany
Doors: 11 pm
Entry: ???