Hello everybody,

I’m very proud to announce a new record label straight from the hood 😉

Uncanny Valley

It’s called Uncanny Valley and has its origins in House Music. Although, it’s open to to all styles of music such as Techno, Disco and Dubstep. It is a union of some dawgs of Dresden’s Electronic Music scene. Many of these artists crossed their paths on nights out in local clubs such as Altes Wettbüro or Galerie Disko and whilst seeking out the latest releases in Fat Fenders record store. They are awaiting their first release via the distributor Clone Records now. Therefore, the label has currently signed the following artists:

Here is an extract of the press text of the hot awaiting Uncanny001:

The first release is a true house-affair. Thomas Fröhlich’s ‘Get US’ is a mysterious and breathtaking opener with beautifully plucked strings and a summerish feel. Jacob Korn with the surprise track on this record that combines intricate soundscapes built on an uplifting groove. This guy is on a roll! On the B-Side breaks-prankster Cuthead unleashes an unusual deep house study entitled ‘Unacceptable Moustache Styles’ before the record concludes gracefully with Break SL’s late night jam ‘Low Light’. we’ve said it before… the next generation has arrived! Recommended.

Update: Here is the EP for prelistening at SoundCloud

Please pre-order your copy now, before it will be to late.

I’m really looking forward for this and further upcoming releases of this new creative melting pot straight from the hood! Maybe, we’ll also get delivered some 21st-Century-Beat-Music from them 😉



PS: Pre-listening tip “Break SL – Low Light”

  1. emrox says:

    The previews are realy great.
    Waiting for the digital release