Are you ready for this futuristic story? – elbklang artist #npnk assembled a nice science fiction space story with a lot of Elektro and Techno sounds. Please follow the story and imagine what happened.
Get ready for take off: 4, 3, 2, 1, … 0! @ Straßenbahndepot

There’s something going on …

I’m happy to announce another event with elbklang artist #npnk. This time, he will hit the stage for the musical supporting programme of the short film festival called backup_festival, which will take place at several locations in Weimar, Thuringia, Germany. This year it is the 12th edition of this film festival for extraordinary short films with over 1.200 film entries from all over the world. So the festival do not only consists of tons of next dimension experimental short films, there are also workshops and discourse, eccentricity, philosophy and unlimited party.
This is the part where #npnk and his mates get involved. They will serve the festival guests with their own definition of Underground Dance Music. This events are called and are located at the Straßenbahndepot in. With audiovisual installations and architectural experiments the party guests should be able to create the experience to mesh image and sound. Therefore, nobody expect his brothers in mind will perform this evening.
So don’t miss to join this unique combination of music, visuals and installations.



Date: 8th May 2010
Location: Straßenbahndepot, Kirschberg 4, 99423 Weimar, Germany
Doors: 11 pm
Entry: ???

eXma @ Tusculum - 11. Dresdner Nachtwanderung (2010) - flyer

Yes, elbklang will hit the stage again!
Our artist funky a.k.a. Dj Equipment will do the supporting programme for “eXma @ Tusculum”. This event will take place in the context of the “11. Dresdner Nachtwanderung”, which is a part of the “19. Dresdner Studententage”.
The Nachtwanderung is a collaboration of the Studentenwerk Dresden and Dresden-based student clubs. Fortunately, the party guests have to pay only for one time and then they could walk or drive around the participating student clubs. Each venue will present a different programme. So there will be a huge variety of artists and music styles.
eXma is the short form of Exmatrikulationsamt, which is a Dresden-based online student forum. They will host the party at club Tusculum.


Date: 4th May 2010
Location: Club Tusculum, August-Bebel-Str. 12, 01219 Dresden
Doors: 8 pm
Entry: 7 Euro (with access to 16 clubs!)

TU in Szene 2010 - flyer - frontside

TU in Szene 2010 - flyer - backside

elbklang artist #npnk will do the supporting programme of the forthcomming 4th “TU in Szene” event, which will take place on 2nd May 2010 at the Hörsaalzentrum of the University of Technology Dresden, Germany.
“TU in Szene” is an evening full of cabaret and variety that means several artists and groups of different genres will perform in between 15 to 30 minutes. There will be a diversity of improvisation, staging, pantomime, performing arts, poetry and lyric from laymen and professionals.
This event will be in the context of the “19. Dresdner Studententage” and hosted by the student club WU5.



Date: 2nd May 2010
Location: Hörsaalzentrum, TU Dresden; Bergstraße 64, 01069 Dresden, Germany
Doors: 6 pm
Entry: for free (!)

In the context of preparing old mixtapes for the posterity, I’m proud to present here another mix from elbklang artist Bob Ferris, which he did in the end of 2005 as promo for the Sinnchron06 party at (Jazz-) club Alte Tonne* at Kurländer Palais, Dresden, Germany. The energetic promo mix is full of Broken Beats, Elektro, rare House and Bass Music. So have fun while listening to it.

Bob Ferris – The Daemon Of Further Days by Bob Ferris on Mixcloud

* after a complete rebuilding of the historic building Kurländer Palais the reopening of the Jazz club was in January 2010