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Hi guys, last but not least we also entered another parallel universe in the Internet – it’s Facebook. So if you are on Facebook and like to follow our information stream, then become a fan of our Facebook site. Cheers, zazi PS: Happy New Year!

Elbklang is now well prepared to be scrobbled with Last.FM. It doesn`t matter wether the tracks are having the tag ‘elbklang’ or one of the artist’s name. So here we go: elbklang@Last.FM #npnk@Last.FM emrox@Last.FM Bob Ferris@Last.FM Cheers zazi PS: I’ve also discovered the semantic tag functionality of the Last.FM wiki pages. It’s a bit proprietary […]

elbklang site update

Posted: 8th June 2009 by zazi in elbklang, web
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I updated some pages on our site. Especially the information about our djs and the link section. Have fun and stay tuned for further updates. Cheers zazi

As time goes by elbklang decided to join the social music community MySpace to get connect to the local scene and other friends, favourite artists, bands, labels etc. So don’t miss to also check out our MySpace profile. Here it is elbklang30 Cheers zazi

Hello and welcome back in oh nine. During a lot of studying and work in the past days, weeks and month we are now re-entering the world of the beauty of sound. After the last relaxed nice vernissage background music entertainment (at Motorenhalle, Dresden, Germany) from the two Elbklang djs Decksurfingfreak (which exclusively visited us […]